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The Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans was a group that was designed to act as the liasion to the Justice League, and later to the Doom Patrol. The name was commonly shortened to A.R.G.U.S. or ARGUS. Led by Colonel Steve Trevor, ARGUS often aided the Justice League, acting as a liasion, to their missions as well as aiding the team they codenamed the Justice League Dark. After having all access to any Justice League group cut off


To aid the Justice League, the government of the United States of America created ARGUS, who they placed Steve Trevor in charge of. The organization was to be a shoot off of homeland security and was to only aid the Justice League when deemed necessary. ARGUS itself had no true military base, but rather had it's headquarters at S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis and Detroit. There ARGUS aided with research, giving the researchers tech for the Red Room. ARGUS also created the Carnival to keep rogue super-humans under check and the Black Room for objects of mysterious origin. ARGUS later helped create the Justice League Dark, who they kept a secret. ARGUS did, however, have their third Justice League team, the Justice League of America, be a public organization.

However, in the months prior to the Trinity War, ARGUS' relations with the Dark team ended up going sour, with both organizations excommunicating each other. Trevor ended up giving the Dark team an ominous warning of the JLA befor ending relations. Following the ARGUS Insurgency, the original Justice League cut all ties with ARGUS much as Team Dark had done. With the JLA dissolved, ARGUS only had it's own human paramilitary support against threats. Therefore, it reached out to Chief Niles Caulder and communicated a deal in which the Doom Patrol acted as the official strike team of ARGUS.


  • Steve Trevor - Founder and former liasion to the Justice League.
  • Agent Kincaid
  • Agent Chang
  • Dale Gunn - A high ranking agent.
  • John Peril - A researcher.
  • Darwin - Peril's assistant.
  • Kurt Lance - An operative who works in secret, due to his status as legally dead.


  • Green Arrow - Field operative. Contract was terminated following JLA dissolution.
  • Agent Vibe - Field operative. Contract was terminated following JLA dissolution.