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Alton Carver was a Talon who was trained by the Court of Owls. He was known for being the first Talon to encounter the legendary Batman and the first to fear the Caped Crusader.


Trapped in Fear[]

Some time in the late twentieth century, the Court of Owls would take Alton Carver from Haley's Circus and train him to be the new Talon of Gotham City. However, the ring master would decide that Alton lived in fear and was not fit to be a Talon and would end up locking Alton in a trailer and set it ablaze. Alton would scream in the fire for several minutes before figuring out a way to escape. After escaping, Alton would be declared the new Talon.

Due to his expertise at the craft, an expertise not shown since William Cobb, the Court would keep Alton on as Talon longer than normal. Alton would be Talon when the Batman would debut, but the Court would make sure that Alton stay clear of the vigilante. Carver did, however, meet with Calvin Rose in an effort to try and convince him to try and return to the Court. Alton would end up holding the title for a total of twenty-six years before he would be told that he would be replaced as Talon.

Before going out to do what would be his last mission, Alton would take it upon himself to check out who his replacement would be, finding it to be Richard Grayson. After watching Richard perform, Alton would feel a strange form of fear. Heading out to perform his assassination, Alton would be stopped by the Batman and would once again feel fear, luckily, though, Alton would escape the vigilante's clutches before he could be interrogated for information on the Court.

Escaping Fear[]

When the Night of Owls would commence, Alton too would be awoken using the regeneration compound made by Victor Fries. Unknowing that the person that he was sent to assassinate, Lincoln March, was a Talon who was set to betray the Court, Alton would unwittingly fall prey to March's attack. Alton would try and kill March quickly, but due to being older and slower than the rest of the Talons, would only mortally wound the man, allowing March to "kill" Alton. Soon after March would "die" as well, and Alton would heal and recognize the Batman over March's body. Trying to get his vengeance on the vigilante, but would be defeated very quickly again and would end up plummeting to the streets of Gotham. Alton, badly wounded, but struggling through the sewers, would think to himself that after escaping death twice in the night, from both March and Batman, he has finally escaped his fear.