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Anthony Ivo






Secret Society

Anthony Ivo was a mad scientist foe of the Justice League of America and the co-founder, but not leader, of the Secret Society. Although captured early in the war between the JLA and Secret Society, Ivo was still quite formidable.


The head of the Cellular and Structural biology at an Ivy University for several years, Ivo was recruited to S.T.A.R Labs by Silas Stone to oversee biotechnology efforts. Professor Ivo pioneered the organic pattern process, finding out how to mimic organic life at a cellular level. For this Ivo developed the A-Maze Operating System, often called Amazo. The tests with Amazo ran well with mice, though of the team he was considered unpredictable. Unknown to Ivo, the B-Maze Operating System was comparable to Ivo's own OS. Ivo ended up leaving the team for several days on end at times, working on his own personal projects. One of these was using the A-Maze Operating System to create an android he once again called Amazo.

Ivo ended up suffering from thanatophobia, causing him to fear death. The fear led to Ivo using drugs and getting into conflicts with his colleagues. When the Parademon Invasion of Earth happened, this fear manifested when a Parademon kidnapped Ivo. Though the Justice League saved him, Ivo took up the moniker "supervillain" and joined the Secret Society. After creating the Amazo android, Ivo sicced it on the League. Ivo ended up faking his own death by imploding his lab, though he did scar his own face in the process. Ivo toiled away in secret for years for a way to destroy the Justice League, creating the Shaggy Man to try and do so. At one time, Ivo even used the Amazo android to try and take down the League, and though it failed, none suspected Ivo to be behind the attack.

When the Justice League of America attacked the Society head on, Ivo was incapacitated by Catwoman. The JLA then captured Ivo, along with several other members of the Society, and handed them over to A.R.G.U.S. for interrogation and incarceration.