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Commissioner Barbara Gordon was a girl who would end up being the sidekick of Batman, better known as Batgirl. Eventually, Barbara retired from the role of Batgirl and wound up succeeding her father as the police commissioner of Gotham City.



Barbara Gordon was unlike any other girl. She often fantasized and bragged about how her father was a prominent member of the GCPD. Though all these things were great, Barbara didn't have it easy either. Her mother left the family when she was just a little girl. By the time she was fifteen years old, Barbara and her brother developed an unusual obsession with crime and darkness and had both survived the Zero Year flood together. This led her to take classes in criminology that further lit up her obsession. Barbara begin to actually seek out Batman, eventually gaining his attention and agreement to have him teach her. Becoming Batgirl, Barbara was thrilled at the life of the vigilante, becoming romantically tangled with her partner, Robin. However, this romance led to nowhere and the two agreed to just be friends.


After her back would heal, Barbara would again take to the skies as Batgirl. However, on her first night back, she would fail to prevent Mirror from committing notorious crimes. Although she would eventually catch Mirror, it would be at the price of questioning whether or not she was still the right fit for the job.

Barbara would also run into her mother again after a long absence between the two. She would, however, remain distant. After this, Barbara would prove herself after helping Batman catch Gretel.

Eye War[]

Eventually becoming the police commissioner of Neo Gotham, Barbara was present when Terry McGinnis became the Batman. She worked with Terry to combat Inque. Present when Brother Eye initiated the Eye War, Barbara and Maxine Gibson were captured and taken to the Lodge. There Barbara was shocked to see Tim Drake arriving, having not aged despite being missing for over thirty years. Learning of him using the Time Band, of McGinnis' death and Drake's succession as Batman, Barbara and the former Red Robin participated in the Battle of the Lodge.


As the star pupil of the Batman, Barbara Gordon was skilled in many different forms of martial arts. A great hand to hand combatant, the Batgirl, during her original run, was as good a fighter as Nightwing, if not better.