Bat-Mite was an imp from the 5th Dimension who was enamored with the Batman of the universe of Earth 0.

Biography Edit

Growing to become obsessed with the Batman, Bat-Mite decided to to Earth 0 to dedicate himself to helping serve Gotham City alongside his hero. Arriving when the Dark Knight was fighting the Percentages Trio, Bat-Mite helped stop the gang, but caused plenty of collateral damage. After being told by the Batman to leave, Bat-Mite accepted and returned to the 5th Dimension. However, for interfering with the affairs of Earth 0, Bat-Mite was banished from the 5th Dimension and forced to return to Earth 0. Stealing the Batmobile, Bat-Mite began to chased down kidnappers, but destroyed the Batmobile and allowed Batman to save the kidnapped victim.

Bat-Mite himself was then kidnapped by Dr. Trauma and Agnes the Nurse, discovering a chained Hawkman in the basement of the supervillain. Failing to stop Trauma from switching her mind with that of Hawkman, Bat-Mite battled the Trauma possessed Hawkman outside of Trauma Manor. Eventually Bat-Mite succeeded in returning Hawkman's mind to his body.

Powers Edit

Being an imp, Bat-Mite possessed a degree of reality warping powers. These allowed him to not only teleport around, but also traverse between the Multiverse.

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