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Batman otherwise known as the Caped Crusader was the Dark Knight. He resided in Gotham City as its watchful guardian. The persona of Batman had a very adverse effect on the psyche of criminals, causing them to fear him greatly. When he went missing, criminals realized that what they feared was no longer there and ran rampant on the streets of Gotham.

There were several "Batmen" operating under the Batman Incorporated franchise. Although these men may occassionally took up the name Batman, they tended to continue using their previous vigilante names under the pretense, title or label of Batman. In essence, most of the members of Batman Incorporated emblemized what Batman stood for.

Batman represented not fear, but rather the act of being selfless. An avatar of doing whatever it took to do the right thing and save as many people as possible, Batman spawned a gigantic legacy. Inspiring even the most common man to step up for what was right, Batman created superheroes in even the most ordinary people. For Batman was simply a human, albeit one who operated amongst metahumanity, his true strength lay not in his intelligence or abilities but rather the fact that he was a symbol of inspiration.


Batman Reason Achievements Date
Bruce Wayne To avenge the deaths of his parents. Defeated the Mob and founded the Justice League. 2007 Bruce Wayne was the most recognizable Batman. He gave up the title to Terry McGinnis during the Eye War.
Richard Grayson To temporarily take over after Bruce went missing. Defeated the Black Mask, Two-Face, Penguin and Simon Hurt. 2011 Dick Grayson was only Batman for little under a year, but his accomplishments were still notable.
Bane To lead his army to victory in the Arkham War. Fought alongside the Talon. Was an evil Batman. 2014 Bane only acted as Batman for a few weeks as a tactic in his ploy to win the Arkham War.

James Gordon

To secure the city after Bruce went missing. Funded by Powers International. 2015 Used a mech-suit due to no actual vigilante training.
Terry McGinnis To stop the Eye War. Succeeded Bruce Wayne and time travelled using a Time Band. 2040s Originally became Batman in the End Future. After Futures End, timeline changes made it so that Terry went back in time to try and stop the Eye War but failed.
Tim Drake To stop the Eye War. Is the only person who remembers the Eye Future and the End Future. 2020 Tim Drake became Batman in the Eye Future during Futures End. Drake's actions resulted in the wiping of the End Future, but the rise of the Eye War. Drake subsequently became the Batman of the future, determined to win the Eye War.

The first man to ever bear the mantle of Batman was the progenitor, Bruce Wayne. Carrying the mantle for several years, Bruce Wayne became the most recognized man to ever be Batman. However, after going missing, Bruce Wayne left no heir. As such, Dick Grayson was forced to take the throne and be the Batman for a small period of time. When Wayne returned, he retook the title. When Wayne went missing during the ARGUS Insurgency, the criminal Bane took the mantle for his own nefarious purposes before being dethroned by a returned Wayne. After Wayne faked his death during the Second Skirmish Below Gotham, the GCPD instated James Gordon as Batman.