The key members of the Batman Family.

The Batman Family was the name applied to those whom Bruce Wayne considered his family during his time as the vigilante Batman. Wayne was often viewed as the patriarch of the Family, though Richard Grayson took up the role in uncertain times. There was, however, the rare instance in which both Wayne and Grayson were missing. In these cases, the family depended on the strength they had within to survive.

History Edit

Initially Bruce Wayne was alone in his vigilante days, supported only by Alfred Pennyworth. Over time, though, Bruce's allies grew to include several Robins and a Red Robin who viewed him as a father. Batgirl was the title used by Barbara Gordon, though Bruce cared for her as a daughter, she saw him as more of an insprational boss.

Eventually the Family went through tough times as the Joker had managed to disrupt the relations of the members and Bruce. They came to distrust him and each, some immediate and some over time, distanced themselves from Bruce.

The Family Edit

  • Richard Grayson - Operated as the vigilante Nightwing, became Batman upon Wayne's absence. Grayson looked up to Wayne as a father figure. Eventually became and agent of Spyral after his identity was revealed to the world.
  • Tim Drake - Operated as the vigilante Red Robin. Drake looked up to Wayne as a father figure. In one possible timeline he takes up the role
  • Jason Todd - Operated as the mercenary Red Hood. For a while Todd was excommunicated from the Family by Wayne, but was eventually forgiven. Todd looked up to Wayne as a father figure.
  • Alfred Pennyworth - Was the figure that held the family together, looked at Wayne as a son. Acts as a father figure to all the Robin's and Red Robin.
  • Barbara Gordon - Operated as the vigilante Batgirl. She was the closest member of the Family who did not look up to Wayne as a father figure.
  • Damian Wayne - Biological son of Bruce Wayne, Became the third Robin.Killed protecting Gotham City from Leviathan. Returned to life by Bruce after using an Omega Sanction charged Chaos Shard.
  • Bat-Cow - A cow taken in by Damian Wayne from a Leviathan slaughterhouse. Inspired Damian to become a vegetarian.
  • Titus - A dog given to Damian Wayne by his father.
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