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The Battle of Kiev was perhaps the most horrific conflict of the Earth 2 War. With the Russian Federation forging an alliance with Spyral, the battle's main purpose was to ensure that the forces of Apokolips would not have a stronghold in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The battle was a major success, with the reformation of the Soviet Union confirming a victory in the eastern theater of the war.


Anatoli Knyazev, a horrible assassin named KGBeast, ended up becoming an excellent military general giving credence to his eventual election as the president of the Russian Federation. When the Earth 2 War started, Knyazev began an aggressive push in reclaiming the former territories of the Soviet Union. Eventually, the Russian forces realized that they would meet the Parademon Army in the Ukraine. Understanding that they together could not hold off the forces on their own, they met with Dick Grayson and Helena Bertinelli of Spyral to form an alliance with the spies. Conscripting his own people forcibly into armies, Knyazev ended up secretly killing the citizens who did not cooperate, blaming it on the "Earth 2 Menace".

The Battle[]

During the battle, the forces of Spyral and the armies of Russia began to fight in Kiev, with the end result determining whether or not the aliens would be able to make it to Moscow. Although Grayson and Bertinelli were handling the battle fine, eventually Knayzev reverted to his old ways and as the Beast from the East, deployed a bomb in Kiev through a Spyral team. Although it won the victory, thousands of innocent bodies of men, women, children and elderly were scattered lifeless across the battleground. This marked the end of the Earth 2 War in Eurasia, although it continued to wage on in other nations for some months.


With Eurasia reunited under his literal iron fist, Knyazev reformed the Soviet Union, now safe from the horrors of the Earth 2 War. Killing thousands During the victory celebration, Grayson, feeling responsible for their deaths as he had brokered the deal of Russia and Spyral, was riddled with guilt. At the celebration where he was being given a medal by the Beast, Grayson rose up and snapped the president's neck. Whether or not this killed Knyazev was unknown, but what was known as that after the action, Bertinelli was forced to hang Grayson. However, whether or not this killed him was also unknown.