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Carmine Falcone was the leader of the Mob before he was taken down by Batman. The reigns to the Mob were handed down to Sal Maroni. Falcone's daughter, through illegitamite means, was Selina Kyle. While Carmine cared for her deeply, he ironically hated her alter ego Catwoman with all his heart. Once the king of Gotham, when Carmine returned, he acted as a pawn to another.


In the late 20th Century, Carmine Falcone began his career in crime. Soon he had become the top mobster of Gotham City, driving Rex Calabrese out of the city. Facilitating the rise in crime, due to Carmine, the Mob ruled Gotham City in the early 21st Century. Carmine managed to rule the city efficiently due to his extensive knowledge of the drug trade and the deals he had made with the overseas Asian cartels. Through a tryst in the Kyle Family, Falcone fathered Selina Kyle. Falcone's Mob was untouchable, with anybody attacking them being publicly humiliated and at harsh times, executed. However, after being attacked by the Red Hood Gang, taken down by the Batman, financially choked by Bruce Wayne, scarred by Catwoman and betrayed by the Penguin, Carmine took his family and left Gotham. Carmine was aided by Derek Grady during this time.

Ending up in Hong Kong, Carmine set up another extensive crime empire. However, he ended up in a gang war against the Ghost Dragons and Shen Fang. Nonetheless, Carmine's superior expertise gave him the advantage, allowing him to easily take control. Many years later, Carmine was approached by an unknown figure and given an opportunity to take back Gotham. Seizing the chance, Carmine bought out Fang, letting him "win" and returned to the city that made him big. Starting off by manipulating Professor Pyg, Carmine returned to Gotham by placing Commissioner Gordon in prison. He then managed to place Gordon's replacement, Jack Forbes, under his thumb. Forbes played the good puppet to Carmine, capturing Catwoman for him, allowing Falcone to torture her. However, with the help of Batman she escaped. Carmine later left a letter for his daughter, Selina, at the grave of Lola Macintyre. Carmine was betrayed by Mayor Hady, with his location being given to Jason Bard, who promptly gave it to the Penguin. Attacked by the Penguin, Carmine and his rival were then both arrested by Bard.