The Circle of Eternity was a grouping of seven wizards, led by the Wizard, who judged those who had committed sins to the highest degree.

History Edit

The seven most powerful beings in the Earth at the time, the Circle of Eternity took it upon themselves to govern their own respective regions of the Earth, punishing people as they deemed fit. Eventually they came upon three beings, dubbed the Trinity of Sin, for their actions: they sentanced Vic Sage to centuries of wandering and not knowing himself; Judas Iscariot, for his betrayal of Jesus, to walk as a stranger among man and witness greed for centuries; Pandora to an eternity of pain and loneliness for opening the box.

The Wizard eventually decided to channel the powers of the six others and siphon them into Black Adam, who could activate them by will by simply saying Shazam. However, Adam eventually turned on the Wizard and slaughtered the six who gave him his powers, sparing only the Wizard. Eventually, centuries after, the Wizard gave the last of these powers to another, Billy Batson, before finally dying.

Members Edit

All members of the Circle are deceased.