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Basil Karlo was a failing American actor who, after a freak accident, would become the shape shifting Clayface.


Growing up wishing to stand out, Basil Karlo always failed. Attempting to become a great actor, Karlo would screw up each and every one of his attempts, having his acting called bland. Eventually being injected with a stra

Batman The Dark Knight Vol 2 23.3 Clayface Textless.jpg

nge compound, a mystical clay by the Penguin, Karlo managed to get many film roles. This compound, which gave Karlo the ability to shapeshift also gave him the appearance of a clay monster. It also gave him great pain and a need for medication. Karlo's life quickly went from wonderful to bad as after assaulting his film director and getting petty roles, he was told by the Penguin to commit acts of crime. Going on a rampage, Clayface would eventually be quickly stopped by the Batman. Freed from prison by Bane, Clayface would be told to act as the Joker and try to kill Batman. Once again, Karlo would fail and would be defeated by Batman.

Once again locked away in the penitentiary systems, Karlo would begin recieving love letters from a villainous admirer. Unknown to him, these letters would begin to infest him with herbs, allowing Poison Ivy to take control of him. Ivy, using the herbs, implanted a set of false memories into Karlo and got him to think that the two got married and went on a nation wide crime spree. Karlo, under the control of Ivy, went on a crime spree during the return of the Joker, destroying several of the Penguin's polluting factories. The Batman eventually sprayed Karlo with herbicide and freed him of Ivy's control. Enraged, Karlo went to attack Ivy in their hotel room, though she was saved by Ignatius Ogilvy.

Clayface later returned to Arkham Asylum as per the Joker's request, though was once again taken down by the Batman. Leaving the Asylum, Clayface learned himself to have the ability to mimic the DNA of others, after which time he began to plot to take down Bruce Wayne. Subduing Wayne and replicating his DNA, Clayface once again went on a crime spree, this time disguised as Bruce. Despite being caught relatively easily, due to involving himself with the Penguin, Clayface was sprung after about only two months to do the crime boss' dirty work. Clayface was caught relatively quickly by the Batman, yet again. It did not take long for the Penguin to once again spring Clayface from prison, however, this time it resulted in the death of Karlo's friend, Mogsy. Ending his alliance with Penguin's Empire, Clayface set out to cause havoc by himself, but as usual, was caught by the Batman.

When the Arkham War occured, Clayface attempted to join the Secret Society and make a name for himself.