The Court of Owls is an ancient society that has been in Gotham City since it was founded in the Puritan Times. The Court of Owls had trained and operated soldiers named the Talon throughout the ages, having their Talons be both male and female. A subsidiary of the Parliament of Owls, the Court of Owls was perhaps the most vital sect. Although hidden for most of the history of Gotham, the Court of Owls was nearly destroyed in a war against the Batman Family.

Structure Edit

The members of the Court of Owls are known simply as owls, with the leader at the time being known as the Grandmaster. Often refusing to show their face, the owls cover them with masks resembling different kind of birds. Although very savage, the owls follow a very strict order under the Grandmaster, though at times even the youngest and oldest members can have power. The Grandmaster, however, is in no way safe at his position and can be deposed at any time due to failure.

History Edit

Though the Court of Owls was very influential in the early Colonial history of Gotham, by the 1850s they became little more than an underground society. However, they emerged in the 1890s to wage war on the Crime Bible and ally themselves with Vandal Savage. However, they once again faded into myth by the 1920s and only conducted assassinations in secret. Despite this, with most of Gotham's elite in their grasp, the Court of Owls ruled Gotham City well into the early 21st Century. At this point the Court did not lose control in any battle, but much like the Mob found costumed criminals like the Red Hood Gang just taking control.

Although the Court was initially content to allow Batman to his activities, when he started to expand his Family to include Richard Grayson, once a prospect for a Talon, the Court decided to take revenge on the Dark Knight. Training Lincoln March to be the deadliest Talon capable of fighting Batman, the Court also began to work with Mr. Freeze to come up with the Electrum Compound to revive their deceased Talons. During this time, the Court of Owls attacked and made their presence known to Bane. After years of planning, the Court struck out against the Family. However, the battle was a catastrophe for the Court with many of their Talons being captured and two defecting. Much of the Court's leadership was then decimated by Lincoln March who killed nearly all of them to free himself from their shackles.

Eye War Edit

A Court of Owls safe house was at one point in the future bought by Bruce Wayne, which stored a Justice League Teleporter and kept "Off the books". Tim Drake used this safe house and the teleporter to transport to the moon where Brother Eye was located and destroy him, ending the Eye War for good.