Dark Ranger was an Australian superhero who represented Batman Incorporated. There have been two incarnations of the Dark Ranger, however, the most notable one was Johnny Riley, who took up the mantle of Dark Ranger to fight against the threat of Leviathan. During his time as Dark Ranger, Riley was kidnapped by Spyral and fought in the Battle of Gotham City.

Original Ranger Edit

The original Dark Ranger initially just went as Ranger. As the crime in Australia continued to get worse, Ranger began to update his equipment. He brought in Johnny Riley as his assistant. Eventually, Ranger joined the Club of Heroes, although the group only lasted a very brief time. Afterwards, Ranger became Dark Ranger, but was killed by Wingman.

Biography Edit

Johnny Riley was brought in by the original Ranger to help fight the crime in Australia. Present behind the scenes in the most of Ranger's operations, only Johnny was able to succeed his mentor. However, he deigned to do so until the Batman convinced him to. Becoming the new Dark Ranger, Johnny aided Batman Incorporated, but it brought him into conflict with Leviathan, whose partnership with Spyral led to his kidnapping. Rescued by Batman, Johnny later participated on the winning side in the Battle of Gotham City.

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