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Deadshot was the world's greatest assassin, being able to go toe to toe with the Batman. One of the caped crusader's most deadly foes, Deadshot was also a member of the government sponsored task force known as the [[Suicide Squad|Su

Justice League of America Vol 3 7.1 Deadshot Textless.jpg

icide Squad]].



Born a poor kid in Gotham City, Floyd Lawton often spent most of his time reading and wondering whether or not his parents would stay together. However, when the Mob attacked Floyd's neighbors, they launched 63 bullets, 23 of which killed his mother, father and beloved sister. Learning how to train himself with a gun and a bullet, Floyd became an expert with a gun, with hate, anger and despair leading his mindset as he hoped to avenge his parents. Floyd decided he would never waste money or bullets, and as he descended into becoming a serial killer, he also decided he would kill for cash. Floyd ended up working for the goon of Falcone who had gotten his family killed. Floyd did this by killing the goon's best men, the two had murdered his family.


Floyd Lawton ended up becoming the greatest assassin in the world, never missing a target, hence he was known as Deadshot. Floyd, however, did grow to have a sensitive side, fathering of a daughter. A rival of Wild Dog and an enemy of Captain Boomerang, Deadshot quickly rose to the top of the assassin's game. One time, hired to assassinate a US senator, Deadshot would be granted his first miss by the Batman, who proceeded to incapacitate the assassin and send him to a federal penitentiary system called Belle Reve. Deadshot was granted his freedom upon agreeing to work for the US Government under Amanda Waller in a task force known as the Suicide Squad. The Squad consisted up of several other incarcerated villains who had previously threatened national security. Due to his skill and precision, Lawton was made the group's leader. Operating under Lawton would be Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Voltaic, Black Spider, King Shark and Savant.

Secret Society[]

With the Suicide Squad, Deadshot attempted to capture Vibe and Gypsy. Though Deadshot easily captured Vibe, he lost Crowbar in the process. Soon after, with the Trinity War over, the Secret Society ravaged Belle Reeve and offered Deadshot a spot, officially disbanding the Suicide Squad. Lawton readily accepted. Soon after, he found himself hunting Falcone's goon, who stole a supersuit from Wayne Enterprises, impenetrable to all bullets except the shells that Lawton made himself. Deadshot took out the goon, avenging his family, and killed the goon's son, to avoid another person like him being alive. Floyd was then contacted by Amanda Waller, and paid to reform the Suicide Squad and rescue her from the Society.