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Dr. Darrk was once an agent of the League of Assassins. Trying to usurp Ra's al Ghul, Darrk would lead his own renegade splinter faction.


Although Dr. Darrk would serve under Ra's al Ghul for a while, eventually he would quit the League and lead a formidable force of the same name. This meant war with Ra's and in order to get the upper hand against his former master, Darrk would kidnap Talia al Ghul, taking her with him to Gotham City. There Darrk would make the mistake of angering the Batman, a vengeful vigilante who would quickly stop his plots. Soon after, Darrk was run over by a train and killed. Nonetheless, Darrk was resurrected by Ra's al Ghul.

Forced by al Ghul to work on experiments involving the Lazarus Blood of Lord Death Man. However, due to the interference of Calvin Rose, the experiments went awry and Darrk was forced to resurrect Rose. Soon after, Darrk reported to Algol that the Lazarus Blood had been corrupted.