Dr. Thaddeus Sivana was a mad scientist desperate to find out the secrets behind magic.

Biography Edit

A respected scientist desperate to save his family, Dr. Sivana tried all kinds of science, eventually turning to magic. Researching the legend of Black Adam, Sivana and his team found the fallen hero's tomb. Though when he opened it, Sivana was hit by a burst of energy that half-blinded him, though it did give him the ability to see magic. When he finally found Adam's resting place, Sivana uttered Shazam, only for Adam himself to appear and slaughter Sivana's crew. Sivana himself was spared only when he proved himself able to speak Adam's language, later helping the figure learn English as well. Sivana then decided to aid Adam in finding the Wizard, only after showing him how much society had progressed since the time of ancient Kahndaq.

Sivana later decided to find the Seven Deadly Sins in order to appease Adam's decision in remaking the Earth. Though he freed the sins, Sivana was abandoned shortly after. The magic became too much for him to control and began to hemmorhage his insides. Seeking the entrance to the Rock of Eternity, Sivana met up with a being called Mr. Mind in an effort to save himself and his family.

Powers Edit

Though Sivana does not have any metahuman powers that will enable him much use in combat, after opening the tomb of Black Adam he would gain the ability to see magic through one eye.