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Notable Incidents

Earth was a planet home to the Human species, as well as some Metahuman people, found in Space Sector 2814 of Universe 0. Borne to a world of science and magic, the history of Earth was not just storied, but susceptible to change via time travel. There were several different Earths, all parallel universes of each other. While the human species was the dominant one, they all ruled each other differently. Humans allied themselves according to nation, religion and race. Thus, humanity faced several years of prejudice and Earth became notorious for it's own people killing each other.

In the 21st century, with the debut of Superman, Earth became a hotspot for alien species, both benevolent and malignant. In order to face alien threats, Earth was protected by the Justice League and several other teams. Eventually, Earth, which became known as either Prime Earth or Earth 0, became involved with multiversal conflicts, participating in the Darkseid War. Eventually, due to the Parademon Invasion of Earth, the sentient AI Brother Eye was created out of a Mother Box. This resulted in the Eye War where Brother Eye eventually transformed a large part of Earth 0 into the Eye World for a few years before being destroyed.

Nonetheless, this Earth was the one that beings across the Bleed most familiarized themselves with. It was this Earth that people familiarized themselves with most throughout the Multiverse, with the New Gods, the beings of the Underworld and Skyland all taking an interest in this particular zone of life. Like all other universes in the bleed, Universe-0 had Earth contained along the Fifth Dimension.

When Universe 0 was born, free will was at the center. When the Hand of Creation reached through, it appeared almost as a shadow holding a cluster of stars. From the Hand, the White Light, embodied by the Entity splintered into existence as the Emotional Spectrum to pave the way for Gods and men. When split, the Emotional Spectrum was embodied by Butcher, Ophidian, Parallax, Ion, Adara, Proselyte and Predator. As the Hand was reaching out, Relic reformed, was reorganied and was remade as a part of the new existance. With the Timeline now starting, beings like Merlin were born and Aurackles reborn.

At the center of Universe 0 was the planet Oa, which also served as the home of the Green Lantern Corps. Surrounding Universe 0 on every side was the impassable Source Wall, which the Old Gods and New Gods passed through to enter the Source after they died.