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The most powerful Metahuman in the world.

Susan Lang, the former Fifty Sue, was a powerful metahuman whose powers activated when she was a child. Despite having the ability to do almost anything, and the spoiled nature to want her to do as such, in the end, Sue was simply a child and acted as one. Given that Sue was created after the Earth 2 War, the fact of the matter was, she only existed in the End Future, both of which were wiped from the timestream by Futures End.


The first superhuman whom Project Cadmus attempted to grow, the project of Fifty Sue was not considered to be a success. Created from fifty two strands of DNA, her name was to represent the paradox of her birth, although she was immediately considered unstable. Taken as a small infant by King Faraday, her potential was recognized. The FBI agent decided not to kill her, but rather grant her asylum at Cadmus Island. There she was allowed to do whatever she saw fit, starting off by taking out the implant put into her by Cadmus. Eventually joined by Deathstroke the Terminator, she began to view the mercenary as a mentor and partner. When Faraday revealed they would be joined by Grifter, she was initially upset. Thus, she spent most of her time terrorizing Cole "Grifter" Cash and was quite upset when a "stealth" OMAC attacked him. Journeying to the subbasement of Cadmus Island, Sue found Earth 2 "normals" housed there. Splitting her conscience, at the same time, Sue was trying to help Deathstroke take down Big Barda and Emiko but was eventually defeated. With Cole, she met up with the Earth 2 Lana Lang and began to hunt for Stealth OMACs. Shortly after, Brother Eye hacked into the systems of Cadmus Island and began to take control of it's systems by controlling the Earth 2 superheroes. Confronting Eye, Sue struck a deal with him and ended up rescuing Deathstroke, Cole and Lana.


A very powerful telekinetic, Fifty possessed the ability to levitate objects, peel off the skin of people and teleport them places. Her power was not limited to telekinesis as she also possessed the ability to split her conscience in fragments, allowing her to be in more than one place at one time. Despite her great powers, Fifty Sue's erratic behavior was what made her unpredictable, with her constantly teetering the line of good and bad.