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Earth 0


Erasure of the Flashpoint Timeline.


Blackest Night


Psi War

Flashpoint was a battle that resulted in the creation of Earth 0. Although the battle started due to an alteration in the Modern Timeline, it's machinations soon resulted in the creation of the Flashpoint Timeline. With the Flashpoint Timeline, Earth 0 came into existance and the Flash soon took it on himself to set the timeline right. As such, when the dystopian Flashpoint timeline was wiped out, the changes felt were Multiversal, changing the entire Orrery of Worlds. Convergence, although it occured after Flashpoint, was responsible for the Multiverse that came following Flashpoint.


The Flash, waking up with some memories of the modern timeline, found himself in the new Earth 0. Unknown to the Flash, Dr. Manhattan was watching his entire move. Trying to fix everything, the Flash learned of the dystopian world around him and by eventually tapping in to the Speed Force, gained his powers back. As Earth 0 began to go to hell, the Flash understood that he would need to correct the timeline to something akin to that of the modern timeline. Eventually learning that he himself wiped out the modern timeline and made the universe of Earth 0, Flash began to see three timelines. Finding Pandora, who was given temporary godlike powers as a result of the new universe, Barry watched as she changed the entire Multiverse, correcting the timeline. However, just as the timeline began to correct, Manhattan made his move and struck - removing ten years from time.


Once the timeline was corrected, Earth 0 was born again as the Hand of Creation reached through the center of the Earth holding a cluster of stars, also signalling the rebirth of a revamped Multiverse. With the Earth reborn, Merlin too was born and Aurackles was reborn. Sensing why Pandora changed the Multiverse, to combat the Brainiac God, Merlin created the Demon Knights, and eventually Stormwatch. The Brainiac God, fearful only of the Superman who would be born on Earth 0 visited only briefly, to plant his agent. For centuries Stormwatch waited for their ultimate combatant, only to finally face him in Futures End.