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General Frank Rock was a US war veteran and the leader of the genetics based Project Cadmus, officially known as the Controller. Determined to protect the world, Rock was averse to the superheroics that dominated the 21st Century. Through his reign over Cadmus, Rock nonetheless tried to protect the world by allying himself with King Faraday and authorizing genetics based experiments that could conteract superheroes.


Born in the Roaring Twenties, Frank Rock was a teenager when World War Two came around. Growing up to be a patriotic citizen, Rock eventually joined the US Military. Promoted to the rank of Sergeant, Rock nonetheless continued to toil away. Getting married and having a son, Rock's personal life did not slow his ascent. Eventually his grandson, Joseph Rock, too would follow Rock's footsteps. By this time, however, the Terminaut Invasion had taken place and the arrival of Superman shook the world to it's core. Taking control of Cadmus, Frank Rock began to orchestrate studies into the metagene with King Faraday.

Eye Future[]

During the Earth 2 War, it was these studies that resulted in the founding of Cadmus Island, with Faraday in charge. Slowly finding Faraday to have more pull than him, Rock created the Cadmus Strike Team to gain some leverage and also authorized the creation of Fifty Sue, getting Arliss Mcavoy to create her. Finding Sue to be a mistake, Rock regretted this and as Futures End started, ordered his strike team to kill Sue.