George Cross was the vigilante who operated as the Hood in Great Britain. Borrowing his name from Robin Hood, Cross had a desire to follow in the steps of the legendary vigilante.

Biography Edit

After becoming a vigilante and meeting the symbolic Batman, the Hood was employed by T.H.E.Y. and Spyral, one a national spy agency and one an international one. Continuing his vigilante operations for both corporations, after hunting down Dr. Dedalus with Batman and El Gaucho, the Hood joined Batman Incorporated. However, he left the team to be fully loyal to Spyral. Under Spyral, Hood began to track down black market meta bio-weapons, including former Poppy Ashemoore of THEY. During his fight with Ashemoore, Hood was badly injured and upon returning to St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls fell into a coma. His injuries were concluded to be severe by Frau Netz, who amputated a finger and three toes.

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