Harper Row was a Gotham City electrician and vigilante who operated under the name Bluebird.

Biography Edit

Born in the Narrows and belonging to a broken family, Harper's father constantly got sent to jail. H[[Cullen Row|
]]er brother being gay had Harper constantly trying to protect him. One time Harper made it big, winning an invitation to a party at Wayne Enterprises. After the Batman saved her and her brother from bullies, Harper became obsessed with the vigilante and devoted her time in the sewers to secretly aiding the ruthless protector. After a while, however, the Batman got fed up and after Harper would not listen to reason, attempted to force her, eventually taking away her equipment. After Harper was able to aid him against Penumbra, the Batman returned her equipment.

After the conclusion of the Arkham War, Harper and Cullen moved into the Philip Kane Memorial Project Housing. There, Harper and Cullen were saved from the nanovirus by Red Robin, although Cullen was infected. Determined to save her brother, Harper hacked into the systems of Red Robin. When the Batman Family was left in tatters, the Batman was forced to rebuild his operation. Part of this included officially making Harper a vigilante. Giving her the name Bluebird, Batman used her to infiltrate the mob base of Selina Kyle and find out about Stephanie Brown.

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