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The Hyper-Adapter was a servant of Darkseid. It was designed to take on the Batman as he travelled through time and eventually destroy him. Like all other opponents of the Batman, the Hyper-Adapter was defeated because it followed the hole in things, the immortal enemy that the Batman fought and always defeated.


Stored in Darkseid's Ancestor Box, the Hyper-Adapter was sent to try and either kill or possess the Batman as he travelled through time. Following it through the Paleolithic Era to the end of time, the Adapter confronted, but failed to kill Batman. Eventually the Hyper-Adapter found Batman again, this time in Puritanical times but once again was not able to reach it's objective. Finding Batman a final time at the Vanishing Point, the Adapter possessed him and returned with him to the Dark Knight's proper time. There it was defeated and driven out by the Justice League, transforming into a giant primordial bat, it once again ventured through time. First it imbued Simon Hurt with diluted Dionesium, granting him with prolonged life and then proceeded to do the same to the Lazarus Pits, which would grant Ra's al Ghul his immortality. Once again returning to Paleolothic times, the Hyper-Adapter was killed and skinned.


Upon death, the Hyper-Adapter's corpse came into contact with a caveman. This contact promptly imbued Dionesium into the caveman, turning him into the immortal Vandal Savage. Simon Hurt believed in the Hyper-Adapter to be the demon Barbatos, with this devilish belief being what fueled the Black Glave and furthered the idea of the hole in things. Eventually, the term Barbatos began to refer to something whose life was either extended or made immortal by Dionesium.