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Jason Bard while a GCPD officer.

Commissioner Jason Bard was a police officer in the GCPD. He reminded several at the precincts of a younger James Gordon. This was due to his plans, courage and trust in the Batman. However, he considered the Batman's methods to be outdated, with crime superseding him.


Despite living in Detroit, Jason Bard idolized Commissioner Gordon as a child. Growing up to work for the Detroit police department, Lieutenant Bard immediately took the chance to transfer to the GCPD when presented. Bard was not as valiant as Gordon, however, as before arriving he was corrupted by the madman named Hush and the two believed that they would end up growing to own Gotham City. Brought in to work under J. Forbes, Bard was shocked to have to arrest Gordon on his first day. Vowing to get Gordon released, Bard helped the Batman escape Forbes and later began to investigate a grisly murder related to Stephanie Brown. After his trails on Brown ran cold, Bard decided to end the gang war between the Penguin & Carmine Falcone and formulated a plan, involving Vickie Vale, Nancy Strode and Harvey Bullock. Bard went so far as to involving the Batman on his plan. However, Bard kept Batman in the dark when he proceeded to leak the location of Carmine Falcone to the Penguin, costing dozens of men their lives. Nonetheless, Bard was able to get Forbes, Falcone and the Penguin all arrested, though this did lead to a confrontation with the Batman. Afer ting down several of Falcone's still existing operations in the aftermath, Bard and the Batman were able to come to some degree of understanding. Bard then aided the Batman and Killer Croc in stopping the Ten-Eyed Man and tried to arrest Croc. After being named the next commissioner and being given evidence by Batman to free Gordon, Bard began to converse with Hush on the next stage in their plans.