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President Commander Anatoli Knyazev was the Beast from the East. Known as the supervillain KGBeast, Knyazev was considered a horrible

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assassin and was easily defeated by the Batman. Despite this, Knyazev was a cruel communist and a wonderful politician. Seizing advantage of the Russian Federation during the Earth 2 War, Knyazev used this as an opportunity to recreate the USSR, as his true loyalties lay with Mother Russia.


A cruel yet crudely trained assassin, KGBeast found himself on the wrong side of the Batman and was defeated quickly and quietly. Returning to Russia and enhancing his skills, training his protoge, NVKDemon, Knyazev proved a much better military leader. As Commander Knyazev, he became the Beast from the East and fought against Task Force XL with the Rocket Reds. Knyazev continued his KGBeast activities with NVKDemon and Cheshire, fighting the Others. Later, when the Earth 2 War broke out, Knyazev seized controll of the Russian Federation and began an aggressive campaign to take control of former territories of the USSR. Forging an alliance with Spyral through Dick Grayson, Knyazev took advantage of his situation and massacred thousands. Reforging the USSR, Knyazev had completed his programming, but was attacked by an enraged Grayson when presenting the spy a medal. His neck snapped, Knyazev's future was left unclear, whether or not he was paralzyed or dead was unknown.