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Kahndaq was a small Egyptian country with a storied history, mostly focusing on it's savior-turned-villain Black Adam.


Kahndaq was invaded by the barbarian conquerer Ibac, who ended up enslaving most of the people who lived there. After he gained his powers, Black Adam overthrew Ibac and defeated the Seven Deadly Sins. Becoming a legend to his people, eventually Adam turned to the dark side and disappeared.

Surviving till the 21st Century, Kahndaq became a huge industrial nation in the 21st Century, with several advancements. The government allowed Dr. Sivana to fund an exploration looking for Black Adam's tomb.

The government was looked upon with controversy as they were unable to handle the terrorist group, the Sons of Adam. When Superman and Wonder Woman handled a cell of the group, the government became involved in adversity with the United States of America.

When Adam was finally found he looked upon the nation with disgust and decided to rebuild it, along with the rest of the world, in his own image. Despite this, he still remained very protective of his home country.