New Gods



'Kaiyo the Trickster' was one of the "evil" New Gods, who instead of serving under the Highfather at New Genesis, or working for the Parademon forces of Apokolips under Darkseid, worked alone. She was one of the first New Gods to arrive on Earth Prime and Earth 2, predating the Parademon Invasion of Earth and the Apokolips War. She was also the first being to be fought by the World's Finest duo of Superman and Batman.

Biography Edit

Born as a blip on Apokolips, a New God named Kaiyo had no purpose other than to cause chaos wherever she went. For years upon years she secretly caused chaos, gaining the ire of Darkseid. When she finally revealed herself, Kaiyo understood the danger she was in and tried to transport to another world. Revealing to Darkseid the Multiverse, she attempted to find a Superman strong enough to defeat the New God.

After arriving on Earth Prime, the Trickster travelled to Gotham City and took possession of Catwoman, taking her to Metropolis. There she fought the infamous Batman, but was very soon met by Superman, the two, unknowing of each other at the time, began to fight each other. Taking advantage of the situation, Kaiyo took the world's most dangerous men and transported them to Earth 2. There she informed the two duos of the world's greatest heroes of a crystal powerful enough to defeat Darkseid. Doing so, however, she informed Darkseid to the location of Earth 2, thereby condemning it. She forced the Batman and Superman of Earth Prime into a competiton against those of Earth 2, choosing Earth Prime to be her designation in the end due to the ruthlessness of the heroes. After her decision, Kaiyo wiped the memories of all those involved in the incident. Kaiyo's hopes were right, as in Earth Prime, the Justice League defeated their Parademon Invasion of Earth.

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