Katherine Webb Kane


1970, Gotham City


Otto Netz, Kane Family


Film Director, Spy, Vigilante

Kathy Kane, real name Luka Netz, born Katarina Netz, was the original Batwoman, stylized "Bat-Woman", as well as the wife of Nathan Kane and the lover of his nephew, Bruce Wayne, whom she met after Nathan's death. Although she later faked her death, her legacy as Batwoman would later lead to her distant relative by marriage, Katherine Kane to take up the mantle for herself. An agent of Spyral, Luka was the spider in the web.

Biography Edit

Born Katarina Netz, the daughter of Otto Netz was told that she would either succeed her father as Spyral or Leviathan. Whichever position she took, her sister Elisabeth would take the opposite. Katarina always fought with Elisabeth as a child over toys, with Otto urging them to fight harder.

Arriving in Gotham during the Zero Year, disguised by her Hypnos implant, Luka watched the Batman. She later returned when she saw that the Batman had taken a partner in Dick Grayson who had come to be known as Robin. Luka watched as Batman and Robin took on the Cluemaster. During a riot at Arkham Asylum, Luka returned to Gotham City to watch Grayson pose as the Joker. During the Battle of Gotham City, Luka kidnapped Wingman and explained to him what Spyral intended to do about Leviathan. After a brief meeting with Dick Grayson, where he failed to recognize her, Luka sent the agents of Batman Incorporated off to stop Leviathan. Luka herself headed off to the Batcave where she executed Talia al Ghul. After Bruce recognized her, Luka requested he not look for her and left. When the Joker himself attacked Batman, Luka spied on the Dark Knight during the entire affair. To protect her identity, Luka would delete any images of her that appeared on the internet from her base in Berlin.

Meeting with Mr. Minos, Luka continued to pose as a reporter and discussed the secrets of the superheroes and how he wanted to expose all of them. Learning Minos to be using light composite technology, Luka revealed to Minos that she had simply manipulated him into initiating Grayson into Spyral. Revealing herself to be the second Agent Zero, Luka simply killed and finished off Minos. After Grayson left Spyral, though, Luka tracked him down to Gotham City and knocked out an amnesiac Bruce Wayne. Threatening Wayne's former identity as Batman, Luka ordered Grayson to return to work with Spyral, giving him one day to rendezvous with the family. When Grayson returned, Luka promised him that he was not alone and that they could be his new family.

Returning to her laboratory in Berlin, Luka ironically attended the same cafe as the Midnighter. There she was alerted of a threat to her laboratory and armed security against it. Leaving the cafe and heading to a park bench, Luka contacted her sister and both mocked and congratulated Elisabeth.

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