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Lana Lang was the love of Clark Kent when they were teenagers.


Clark Kent's childhood friend, Lana and Pete Ross were always there for him. As the three grew older, Lana began to develop feelings for Clark, which he gladly reciprocated. On their prom night, the night the two were meant to kiss, Jonathan and Martha Kent died in a car crash. A heartbroken Clark ended the relationship and though he remained in love with her, left for Metropolis.

True Life[]

Before Vyndktvx altered the timeline, Lana's life played out similarly to a certain point. On the night of her prom, Jonathan and Martha did not die, allowing Lana to share a fateful kiss with Clark. The two openly admitted their love for each other and moved to Metropolis, where they wedded, with Jonathan and Martha moving in with them. Lana was extremely supportive of Clark in his activities as Superman, though she grieved greatly when Doomsday killed him. Nevertheless, Clark rebounded and lived a happy life with Lana. As this was Lana's true life, it happened and was then changed.

Earth 2[]

On Earth 2, Lana Lang was one of those who found her way to Prime Earth after the Earth 2 War. Ending up working in the Cadmus Island subbasement under King Faraday, although she refused to be called a collaborator, Lana's partner Kevin was eventualy killed by Fifty Sue. Saved at the last minute by Cole Cash, Lana was sent to the surface of the island to work with Cole, Slade and Sue to find a stealth OMAC.