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Lobo was a Czarnian slaver who travelled across the galaxy. A great warrior with tremendous strength, Lobo proved to be a great challenge for many, however, he also had an imitator who had used his name for activities on Earth. This false Lobo was alos a Czarnian.

False Lobo Biography[]

Proudly a slaver, the false Lobo fell in love with Princess Sheba and proceeded to annihilate the entire Czarnian race except for her. After transporting some slaves over Earth, Lobo's ship crashed and he ended up locked in a prison in New Mexico. After escaping the prison, Lobo vowed to destroy Earth, but was met by Deathstroke. After several intense battles, in which Lobo was was in control, the Czarnian failed to kill Deathstroke and was presumed dead afterwards.

Parallel Timeline[]

In a parallel timeline, Lobo later retreated out into space, where his rapidly deteriorating health and condition changed his appearance, giving him a very derelict look. There he was met by the Kollective who managed to seduce him to join their cause against Stormwatch. However, this timeline was later shunted by the original Stormwatch who managed to defeat the Kollektive.