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Lucius Fox was the CEO and later President of Wayne Enterprises at the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st. For a long time, Lucius was also the business manager for Bruce Wayne, unknowingly providing him the tech that Wayne used as Batman. When Wayne launched Batman Incorporated it became public knowledge that Fox provided technology for the international Batmen.

Biography Edit

Becoming a highly skilled businessman and tech developer at WayneTech, Lucius Fox rose through the ranks of Wayne Enterprises. He became very good friends with Thomas Wayne and was a source of solace for the young Bruce Wayne following the deaths of Thomas and Martha. Following the tragedy at Crime Alley, Fox continued to run Wayne Enterprises, albeit under the watch of Philip Kane and Edward Nygma.

At some time, Lucius got married. His marriage produced two children, Luke and Tam, both of whom ended up being very smart and gifted. However, Lucius ended up being enraged at his son when the boy chose to be an MMA fighter rather than businessman at Wayne Enterprises. Around this time, Lucius ended up becoming the main supplier for Batman Incorporated.

When Clayface attempted to take down Batman, his first target was Lucius simply because of his association with Batman Incorporated. Due to the efforts of Bruce Wayne and a disposed Batman suit, Lucius survived.

After Powers International purchased Wayne Enterprises Lucius left the company and began legal proceedings with the lawyers of Bruce Wayne to regain control of Bruce's seized assets as well Wayne Enterprises itself. Following Bruce's return to the role as Batman, Lucius was successful in his return of Bruce's fortune and assets from The Federal Government, which included Wayne Enterprises from Powers International.

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