Lucas Fox


Gotham City, 1991


Businessman, MMA Fighter, Vigilante


Lucius Fox, Tam Fox








Batman Incorporated

Lucas "Luke" Fox was the son of Lucius Fox and a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Very intelligent, having had graduated from MIT early, Luke was often looked down on by his father for his career choice as he could have within an instant gotten a job at Wayne Enterprises. With dreams of becoming a vigilante in mind, the Batman eventualy gave Luke the mantle of Batwing.

Biography Edit

An intelligent child, Luke Fox's career was already set out for him as he got into MIT. Graduating early, Luke had several career options at Wayne Enterprises ready for him, but much to his father's chagrin, decided on becoming an MMA fighter. Fox dreamed of becoming a vigilante Batman in Batman Incorporated and while fighting, did everything possible to try and attract the attention of the Batman. Eventually he succeeded and was given the mantle of Batwing by the Dark Knight himself.

Luke's first mission as Batwing was to take down the Marabunta, having him travel to Africa. Luke managed to defeat the Marabunta, as well as Lion Mane. After the battle with Lion Mane, Luke returned to Gotham City, where he apprehended a man claiming to be Jonah Hex, and had him incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. After a heated debate with his father on his career, Luke left, only to discover the Marabunta to have arrived in Gotham and kidnapped Lucius due to his ties with Batman Incorporated. Going against Batman's wishes, Luke suited up as Batwing and set about trying to stop the Marabunta.

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