Martha Wayne, born Martha Kane, was the wife of Thomas Wayne and the mother of Bruce Wayne. Born of the First Families of Gotham, Martha unlike her father and brothers is not corrupt and dedicated her life to helping and protecting the less fortunate of Gotham City. When she was engaged to Thomas Wayne her father was excited about the union and then suddenly threatened to cut off all ties with Martha and disown her if she married Thomas. Martha gave up on her family and decided marry Thomas. Several years later she gave birth to Bruce and loved him unconditionally. She was murdered in cold blood by Joe Chill with her husband Thomas, simply for her necklace, it was her death that would propel Bruce into becoming the Batman. Martha also ensured that Bruce did not end up in the hands of her brothers Nathan and Philip as she felt they would corrupt him like their father did to them and also destroy all Thomas and herself left for him.

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