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Parent Species


Genetic Origination

989 B.C.E.



Metahumans, often simply called Metas or Superheroes, Superhumans and Supervillains, are beings on the Earth with abilities or gadgets giving them a God-Like presence on Earth. These beings may not always have powers, like the Batman, and sometimes may even be criminals, like Graves. Although Metahumans existed for centuries, it was only in the early 21st Century when they gained global game with the debut of Superman. Metahumans gain their powers after some form of a stress activates their metagene and gives them powers according to the stress.  Some metahumans are born with an activated metagene to allow them to power through the difficult scenarios behind their birth, while others gain abilities by way of dimensional travel. Aquaman was a metahuman whose metagene activated before his birth and was likely the only reason his human father was able to have a child with his Atlantean mother.