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Nancy Strode was an officer who worked at the GCPD.


Transferring into the GCPD, Harvey Bullock assigned Strode to watch over the Joker's cut-off face on her first night. After Bullock played a cruel prank on Strode, she angrily attacked him, discovering the prank to be a test to see just how well she would fit in with the rest of the GCPD. As it turned out, quite well, though she did find herself isolated from some other officers after they found out she supported the Batman.

Strode did, however, find a partner in Hector Melendez, a man who had become an insatiable Man-Bat and had been saved from murder by the Batman. Due to their common appreciation of the Batman, the two worked quite well together. Nonetheless, Strode found herself going solo sometimes, when surrounding Penumbra and investigating savage Man-Bat murders. When Hector was injured by Scorn, Strode nearly killed the cop killer.

Strode was present when Jason Bard was transferred to take over for Jack Forbes. However, when Commissioner Gordon was arrested and Forbes became the interim commissioner, Strode found herself trying to contain a gang war. She and Bullock were then approached on a plan by Bard to end the war.