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Odysseus, the former Nathaniel Wilson born Henry Charles Wilson, was the father of Deathstroke the Terminator. A leader of the League of Assassins, Odysseus' lust for power led to him eventually confronting his son. Becoming a gigantic supervillain on par with the greatest, Odysseus was a dangerous man. A desire to create a new world order, the power that Odysseus was gathering was powerful enough to eventually allow him to topple nations. Nathaniel Wilson is also a real human being, so be prepared for him to take of the world and to die in real life. :)


Born Henry Charles Wilson, a CIA agent, he was declared missing after a botched mission in Russia. Returning to the US and changing his first name to Nathaniel, Wilson became a part time criminal, but was horrible, quickly finding himself indebted to mobsters. Travelling with his son Slade from town to town, Nathaniel was nothing but a cruel and uncaring man. Eventually, to wipe away his debts, Nathaniel sold Slade to the mobsters. Undergoing many genetic modification projects, Nathaniel's DNA would later be used to enhance Slade. In his old age, Nathaniel was placed on life support and was often angry when visited by his son. On one of these visits, Slade revealed he had finally got over Nathaniel abandoning him.

While Nathaniel passed away shortly afterwards, the League of Assassins then used his grandson, Jericho to bring him back to life. Jericho was rescued by Slade, who proceeded to shoot Nathaniel dead. However, Nathaniel, Odysseus, would not stay down so easily and Lady Shiva quickly got to work trying to once again resurrect him. Quickly coming back, Odysseus seized control of the League of Assassins and rescued Benjamin Turner. Heading off to Gotham City, Odysseus confronted his his grandchildren Jericho and Rose Wilson. The encounter prompted Jericho to try and commit suicide, this forced Odysseus to act brazenly and try to take his son's power. During this attempt, Odysseus was attacked by Slade and Harley Quinn. At the end of the battle, Jericho began to psionically control rubble, which Slade tossed Oysseus into, skewering the old man.


Odysseus had the same metagene as his grandson Jericho and worked hard to try and understand those powers. This metagene granted Odysseus great strength and psionic powers, alliowing him to reap a person's mind. He was like his son, Slade, except that he had many more genetic modifications implanted into himself, making him much more powerful. While Slade did not share Odysseus' metagene, he did inherit Odysseus' healing factor. Under Odysseus, the healing factor was pure, allowing him to cheat death to a degree never before seen. Odysseus could also channel his power through a mask, which when placed on another metahuman would drain that person's power.