The 'New Gods' were beings of a higher power who existed on a plane of existence seperate from the Multiverse, allowing them, through Boom Tube technology, to travel to several different Earths. The New Gods lived in the world known as the Fourth World, consisting of the planets known as New Genesis and Apokolips, both housed the New Gods who would be considered good and evil, respectively. The New Gods from New Genesis, primarily Orion, were known to often travel to Earth Prime under the act of guardians whereas those from Apokolips under war. Apokolips, due to it's attacks on Earth Prime and Earth 2 was known to house the more dangerous Gods.

Lost Timelines Edit

The New Gods actually existed originally in the Lost Timelines and acted predominantly in the Modern Timeline. In that timeline, the actions of Darkseid eventually set the world on the path to Flashpoint while also sending the New Gods of New Genesis to sleep in Earth 51. Given that Earth 51 was almost wholly unchanged by Flashpoint, these New Gods existed in slumber, which allowed for their emanations to arise as entities with similar histories, but almost completely different beings.

History Edit

The Old Gods were warring, with their conflicts resulting in great chaos. To fuel their power, these Old Gods used prayers. However, the war would be their undoing, as such New Gods as Darkseid began to kill the Old Gods to absorb their powers, whereas others gained powers other ways. Nonetheless, in the end a new wave of Gods came about and the Old Gods were gone forever, with the New Gods who replaced them not much better. As there was with the old, such benevolent as the Highfather and malevolent as Darkseid continued to exist.

The New Gods Edit

  • Orion - Leader of the New Genesis army.
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