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8000 B.C.E.


Early Human Tribe, Seven Deadly Sins




Trinity of Sin

Pandora was a girl from one of the very first homo sapiens tribes. Although not the exact cause of evil, Pandora accidentally worsened it greatly when she opened the box.


After opening the box, albeit accidentally, Pandora was met by the Seven Deadly Sins. They proceeded to slaughter her village and worsen the evil around the world. She was then taken out of her time period to the Rock of Eternity, there she met the Circle of Eternity. Along with the Question and Judas Iscariot she was named one of the worlds three deadliest sinners. Condemned to an immortal life and destined to watch the actions of her children, the Seven Deadly Sins, Pandora was sent back to her own time by the Wizard. There she watched the Sins, who addressed her as mother, for centuries upon centuries. She avoided the Question, was occassionally met by Judas, but aside from that, the only other immortal she ever met was Vandal Savage.

Eventually Pandora got tired of watching the dreaded labours of the Sins and decided to do something about them. She began to train, learned magics and studied many different sciences as well as becoming skilled with several different weapons. It was in 2007, however, upon the Terminaut Invasion, did Pandora finally begin to take action. She began to interfere with the humans, despite Judas' warnings not to, and was met by a dying Wizard. He informed her that to end her curse, the box would need to be opened once more by either the purest or darkest at heart. Before she could steal the box, though, the Flash had triggered the events of Flashpoint and Pandora, like everybody else, adapted to that new timeline. However, in this new timeline she grew much stronger and when the Flash began to repair the timeline, she merged three Earths from the Multiverse and created Earth Prime. After the events of Flashpoint ended, Pandora too assumed that everything was relatively normal, despite changed history, had her mind adjust to the new timeline and set about to steal the box. After stealing the box from A.R.G.U.S. she found Superman, believing him to be the purest at heart, and attempted to get him to open the box. However, due to his human upbringing, despite his Kryptonian heritage, he failed to do so. She then located the darkest at heart, the man she believed to be Vandal Savage, however, their encounter quickly turned into a battle. Even Savage, however, had pureness in him and was unable to open the box.