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Professor Pyg was a Supervillain best known for accomplicing Simon Hurt.

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Working for Spyral, Lazlo Valentin ended up being subjected to several hallucinogenic drugs. This caused him to abandon his son, Johnny Valentine and become a supervillain. Becoming an accomplice of Simon Hurt, Pyg and his mad circus were defeated by the Batman and Robin of the time. Though Hurt later freed him, the Dynamic Duo defeated him again and incarcerated him at Arkham Asylum. Pyg attempted to escape, but was thwarted by the Batman. Sent back to Arkham Asylum, Pyg's condition actually began to improve and he began to make coherent sentences and actually make sense. He was later interrogated by D.E.O. about the Batman. When the Crime Syndicate took over Earth Prime, a freed Pyg joined the Secret Society. However, during the Arkham War, Pyg was forced to work for both the Arkhamites and Bane's Army. After the war ended, Pyg's condition had deteriorated and had begun to work for a new master. This new master forced him to attack the Gotham subway lines, manipulating Commissioner Gordon into accidentally killing the people on two trains. Although he was later caught by the Batman, due to the vigilante's newly outlawed status, Pyg was let go to walk the streets freely. Feeling that his freedom was compromised, Pyg began to lead his Farm Hands into the fight against Carmine Falcone. Due to fighting against Falcone, Jack Forbes finally placed Pyg under arrest, where he was interrogated by Red Robin.


Although not an able fighter or even remotely sane, Pyg was a genius when it came to drugs. He developed a very high tolerance and took regular doses of PCP and other drugs. He often developed his own serums to use, with his "addiction that you catch" drug being the most sophisticated. Pyg's specialty was with hallucinogenics.