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Project Cadmus was an organization founded in the United States of America that focused on genetics research. Cadmus also operated a subsidiary known as Cadmus Industries, that worked on commercial projects. As the years went on, more and more metahumans, superheroes and supervillains began to show. This made the work of Cadmus much more important to international agencies like the GPA. Eventually, after the Earth 2 War, Cadmus constructed Cadmus Island to contain the prisoners from the alternate Earth. During the 21st Century, Cadmus' most notable invention was the OMAC Security System and although it took them years to perfect, they eventually managed to do so.

Eventually Cadmus, with it's main focus in genetics, also began to take a focus in physics and formed a paramilitary force. Taking a priority in the work of Dr. Yamazake, the leader of Cadmus, Frank Rock, also began working closely with the GPA leader and FBI agent, King Faraday. Eventually, Faraday rose to become a more powerful authority figure in Cadmus than Rock, authorizing Fifty Sue.


Originally founded as a stem cell research facility, following the Terminaut Invasion, the desire to research the metagene resulted in Cadmus Industries growing exponentially. Eventually, by 2011, Cadmus Industries was the world leader in bioengineering and mapping the human genome. To create their experiments, Cadmus constructed two underground bunkers: Command B and Command D. Due to their expertise, Cadmus also found funding through Checkmate, whose leader Maxwell Lord was primarily interested in the genetic experiments of Cadmus scientist Mokkari. Funding by Maxwell Lord, however, brought Cadmus into contact with Brother Eye.

Due to Mokkari's experiments, Cadmus found itself with an army of genetic experiments. This was the first step in Cadmus' independence from Checkmate, as it resulted in Cadmus eventually affording itself it's own security and paramilitary forces. Eventually, Cadmus began to work independent from Checkmate and after forming a working relationship with King Faraday, instead began to operate alongside the Global Peace Agency. With the GPA, Cadmus operated Cadmus Island and had a link to Brother Eye. Eye, however, unfortunately went rogue and resulted in the destruction of the island.