All those who have been associated with the Robin mantle.

Robin The Boy Wonder
was the partner of the crimefighter Batman and they together formed the team of Batman and Robin.

There had been three different people who had assumed the identity of Robin:

  • Jason Todd: An extremely violent and erratic Robin who ended up being killed by the Joker.
  • Damian Wayne: An aggressive Robin who has killed while wearing the mantle.

Although technically not a Robin, Tim Drake considered himself one, to an extant. Although he never operated under the name, Drake did perform with Batman in an operation similar to that of the Batman and Robin liaison. He was also targeted by Damian Wayne for his past duties with the Batman.

When Bruce went to Apokolips to bring Damian back alive Barbara, Jason and Tim dressed in the colors of Damian and each wore a Robin symbol. After Damian was returned to life inside the Batcave using the Chaos Shard, they each gave their Robin symbol to Damian to welcome him back.

After Bruce returned to the role of Batman, Bruce confronted Tim Drake and told him that though Tim never considered himself a Robin, Bruce always did. He then presents him a suit similar to a Robin suit.

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