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Rose Wilson was the lead field agent of NOWHERE. The task handler of Harvest, Rose was initially assigned with making sure that Superboy remained under control. Eventually, however, Rose was allowed to leave NOWHERE.

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The second child of Slade Wilson and Adeline Kane, Rose got along well with her younger brother Joseph. She was always curious about her father's work, and at one time even discovered his Deathstroke mercenary mask. She was never close to Slade, however, and when their home was attacked by North Koreans, she was separated from her family. Ending up hating her father, somewhere down the line, Rose went wrong and ended up becoming a killer among killers. She was also manipulated by John Lynch, who ended up activating her metagene.

After meeting Niles Caulder, Rose learned of his cloning work on Caitlin Fairchild. Shortly after being taken in by Harvest, Rose survived the first Culling and was inducted into NOWHERE. Finding a close kinship with a Caitlin clone, Rose became of Harvest's most trusted and was tasked with handling Superboy. During this time, Rose fought the Teen Titans and the Legion Lost, coming up victorious in most battles. When the second Culling occured, Rose was sent in to kill the superpowered youngsters but found Caitlin choosing to turn on Harvest. Feeling betrayed, Rose joined up with Warblade to track down and kill Caitlin. After failing to do so, Rose found Harvest to have turned on her. Rose's luck continued to turn worse as her father arrived and killed Warblade, having been hired by Harvest. Eventually, Rose was handed over to Slade and freed from her contract to NOWHERE.

Joining up with her father, Rose headed off to stop James Bronson. In doing so, however, Rose found herself at odds with her mother, Grant and Joseph. Although Rose tried to stop him, Slade ended up killing both Grant and Joseph, prompting Rose to run off on her own again. Ending up in Gotham City, Rose found employment in the Penguin's Empire and took her brother Grant's former identity, the Ravager. While working, she encountered Joseph once more, and despite being overjoyed at her brother's survival, quickly discovered Odysseus to be after them.