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The Second Battle of the Lodge was one of the most important battles of the Eye War. It was also one of the most defining moments of Tim Drake's career as Batman. It occured almost immediately after the Battle of the Lodge, a conflict in which Batman and Barbara Gordon attempted to flee the Lodge. This was their second attempt to do so to defeat Brother Eye.

Course of Events[]

Captured and taken for Processing, Brother Eye taunted Tim Drake while Inque did the same to Barbara Gordon. Drake, managing to gain enough semblance overpowered Eye's drugs and ordered ALFRED to shock him with volts of electricity. During this time, Brother Eye injected itself into the Batsuit. Destroying the Processing chair, Batman once again engaged in battle with Inque. During their battle, though, Inque's daughter Deanna contacted her, prompting Batman to suggest a deal with the supervillain. Brother Eye, on the other hand, decided to avoid Processing for Barbara Gordon and simply try to transform her into a Bug right away. Batman then proceeded to rescue Gordon and defeat several more Bugs.

With this victory in mind, Tim Drake embraced his position as Batman. Due to the destruction caused by Drake, the Lodge began to overload with shutdown being declared impossible. Escaping with Maxine and Barbara, Tim Drake finally had his first major victory over Brother Eye with the destruction of the Lodge. Both of his allies in hand, Tim left New York State and returned to Neo Gotham where he placed Barbara and Maxine in safety. With this victory, Tim also finally gained the respect of Matt McGinnis.


With Tim Drake returned to Neo Gotham, Brother Eye finally hacked into the Batsuit and took over for ALFRED. Taunting Drake, Brother Eye began to descend upon the last bastion of humanity as the Battle of Neo Gotham began.