Green Lantern
Simon Baz


Lebanon, Earth






Green Lantern Corps, Justice League of America

Simon Baz was one of the few human members of the Green Lantern Corps. As a Green Lantern, Baz was was the replacement for the ring of Sinestro.

Biography Edit

Born in Lebanon, yet raised in America, Simon Baz's early life would be riddled with tragedy, mostly due to his Islamic heritage. From witnessing the 911 Terrorist attacks, to cleaning up his Mosque to getting into fights with "white" kids and to being humiliated at airports during "routine checkupts", Baz would be driven into underground racing. After a crash, Baz's brother-in-law, Nazir Amir, would die, though Simon himself would survive. Eventually, Simon would steal a van, which unknowingly had a bomb in it. Driving the van to safety so it could explode without harming anybody, Simon would still be arrested as the convicted terrorist. Due to the Federal Agents not believing Baz's story, they attempt to torture him to get what they thought to be the truth. However, prior to the torture, Sinestro's Green Lantern Ring would arrive and choose Baz as the next Green Lantern of Earth. Simon escaped, only to fall into the hands of the Justice League, who demanded to know the location of Hal Jordan.

Eventually Simon found the man who had framed him as a terrorist and managed to convince the FBI that it was not he who planned the terror attack. Simon also equipped himself with a gun, for use when his power ring ran out of energy. He was then, for a while, trained by B'dg and Guy Gardner, but his time with the two led to him meeting Black Hand. Baz's fight Hand led him to enter the Dead Zone, where he met Hal Jordan and Sinestro, though he was only able to escape with Sinestro. Simon then aided the Green Lantern Corps in defeating Volthoom.

Upon returning to Earth, Simon was put under observation by B'dg because of how he was able to control his Power Ring. In turn for joining the Justice League of America, Amanda Waller offered to remove Simon's status as a terrorist, taking him off the FBI watch and being publicly declared innocent. Although Simon initially refused, an accident with Arthur Light prompted him to reconsider. Simon later helped Hawkman detain Blockbuster. His first mission with the JLA would start off with a bang, as it was to stop the Justice League and Zatanna from taking Shazam away from Kahndaq. The confrontation, however, led to the event known as Trinity War.

Shortly after Trinity War, Simon began to train Jessica Cruz to be a Green Lantern.