Stephanie Brown was a Gotham City vigilante who went by the codename Spoiler. She was noted for playing an important role in the city following the Arkham War.

Biography Edit

A child of divorce, Stephanie was arriving at her father's house when she discovered him to be the
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Stephanie captured by Catwoman.

Cluemaster and plotting something villainous. After learning her father considered her a disappointment, she was almost executed by him until she escaped. She attempted to get help from her mother, Crystal Brown, unaware of her family's true allegiance. Barely surviving an assassination attempt, Stephanie went to the Gotham Library where she began to try and expose her father's crimes. During this time she recovered repressed memories of her father's past with the Batman.

Due to being at the center of everything, Brown was captured by Catwoman, the new kingpin of Gotham.

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