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Terminaut Invasion


Metropolis, Fortress of Solitude


Victory for the United States of America. Superman is accepted worldwide.




Terminauts, United States of America


Terminauts: Collector of Worlds, John Corben USA: Superman, Lex Luthor, Sam Lane, John Irons


Team 7 is created to control the growing Metahuman population.


Parademon Invasion of Earth

The Terminaut Invasion was a battle between Superman and the Collector of Worlds. The battle was to determine the fate of the city of Metropolis. It was also known as the Battle for Metropolis, as it's result was to decide what happened to the New Troy borough of Metropolis.


The origins for the battle started with the debut of the Superman, who was the favorite trick of Mr. Mxyzptlk and Vyndktvx wanted to ruin him. Thus the Multitude was launched, witht he Colony of the Collector fo Worlds wanting to protect planets targetted by the Multitude. The Collector of Worlds, determined to preserve the culture of Earth, arrived and attempted to bottle up the city of Metropolis. The Collector hacked the Internet to get all of Earth's known database and had contact with Lex Luthor, allowing him to take control of the Metal Zero suit.


The Collector hacked into the systems of Earth and transformed all of the machinery in Metropolis into a robot army known as the Terminauts. Leading this army would be John Corben, controlled by the Collector through the Metal Zero Suit. During his attempt to shrink and bottle up the New Troy borough of Metropolis, the Collector found the Terminauts to be opposed by the Last Son of Krypton. During his battle with the Last Son, the Collector also created The Twenty. The Last Son, known as Superman, attacked the Collector and using the Brainiac AI, took over the Collector's ship. This allowed him to stop the Terminauts from causing any more damage and let the robots be taken away by S.T.A.R. Labs.


After the invasion had ended, Superman restored the Metropolis Island of New Troy to it's proper size and sent it back to Earth. The invasion resulted in the creation of Team 7, a task force created to ensure Metahumans did not become a danger to humanity. Lex Luthor, who was present in the bottling of the city, also became more determined than ever to try and stop Superman, whom he deemed an alien threat. All in all, the battle, which was a result of the machinations of Vyndktvx, proved to further the imp's nefarious plans.

The defeat of the Collector was also vital in battles to come years later as it resulted in the creation of a much more malignant collector: Brainiac. This collector would be involved with the Twenty, aiding them psionically in the Psi War and later descending in the Battle of Earth. After the Battle of Earth, Brainiac again became involved in a much more vital battle, a battle for the future and all of humanity against Brother Eye: the Futures End.