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The United States of America was a country on the Western Hemisphere of Earth, found on the North American continent. In the 21st Century, the USA had become a hub for the Metahuman population, resulting in the Obama Administration forming the Justice League of America.


The United States was founded in 1776 after gaining independence from the British Empire.

In the 21st Century, the US experienced it's first public extraterrestrial meeting with the arrival of Superman. The American citizenry was initialy untrusting of the Kryptonian, but after the Terminaut Invasion, came to respect him greatly. The US was also the location for several battles involving Metahumans, including the Parademon Invasion of Earth.

With a new form of villainy on the horizon, several heroes stood up to protect the States from these "Supervillains". In the end, the Secret Society was founded and to counteract it, the US created the Justice League of America.