The Wayne Family was one of the First Families of Gotham and reside in Gotham City.

The Family Edit

Patrick Wayne
Laura Elizabeth Wayne
Thomas Wayne
Martha Wayne
Bruce Wayne
Talia al Ghul
Damian Wayne

History Edit

Pre-American Revolution Edit

Before the American Revolution, the first recorded Wayne was Nathaniel Wayne. Nathaniel was a witch-finder who had come to the Gotham Colony from Scotland. Nathaniel would quit the witch-finding business after one witch purportedly put a curse on him, this would cause him to become a merchant, starting a fairly successful business.

The American Revolution Edit

Darius Wayne would help fight the British soldiers during the American Revolution. Despite being a young man at about twenty during the time, Darius and his brother Anthony would help fight the British soldiers. Eventually they would repel them from Gotham. Their bravery gave them a large plot of land on which the built Wayne Manor.

Post-Revolution Edit

Solomon Wayne, the grandson of Darius Wayne commsioned architect Cyrus Pinkey to design what would become of the first buildings in Gotham Style, reminiscent of Gothic Style. The merchant business started by Nathaniel Wayne would by this point evolve to a shipping industry, through this industry Solomon would invest in real estate and amass an even larger wealth for the Wayne Family.

The Wild West Edit

During the Wild West, Solomon Wayne's son, Alan Wayne, would come into regular contact with Amadeus Arkham and Jonah Hex. Alan would found Wayne Shipping and Wayne Chemical which would later be put under a larger company, known as Wayne Enterprises. A superstitious man, Alan lived in directly in Gotham as Wayne Manor was possibly haunted. Alan would grow to fear the Court of Owls and would run into the sewers claiming to be chased by their agents, eventually he would be found dead in the sewers with his throught slit.

Pre-Batman Edit

Alan's grandson Thomas Wayne would grow a friendship with Roger Elliot of the Elliot Family and the magician Zatara, the two would merge Wayne Enterprises and Elliot Pharmaceutical. It was during this merger that Wayne would meet Martha Kane of the Kane Family. Thomas would marry Martha and the two would have a son, Bruce Wayne. Going into the 21st Century, Bruce appeared to be the last of the Wayne Family, however his activities as Batman resulted in the genetically engineered Damian Wayne. Due to Damian's early death, the appearing heir to the Wayne Family at the time was not a Wayne, but rather Richard Grayson of the Grayson Family. Bruce had, for the better part of the early 21st Century, acted as a surrogate father to the orphaned acrobat.

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