Xiao Loong was a Talon under the alleigance of the Court of Owls.

Biography Edit

Taken from Haley's Circus and trained to become a Talon, for a period, Xiao Loong would be the Talon of Gotham City. However, after a while he would be retired.

Xiao would be awoken using the ressurection compound of Victor Fries. Unfortunately for Xiao, he would soon learn that his target was none other than the madman who made the compound. Heading to Chinatown, Xiao would very quickly come at odds with Fries, and by extension, Red Hood. When Fries would attack the Red Hood, Xiao would take the opportunity to escape, but would very quickly be pursued by the Red Hood. Xiao, while fighting, would explain the history of the Talons. When they would come across the grounds where Haley's Circus would once perform, Xiao would begin to talk to the Red Hood, with their talks turning to those of ressurection. Eventually, Xiao would ask the Red Hood to kill him, which the former boy wonder would do.