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Zero Year


Gotham City


The rise of the Batman Family and honesty in the GCPD.


The Batman, GCPD, Red Hood Gang, Black Mask Gang, the Riddler


GCPD: Lieutenant Gordon Red Hood Gang: Red Hood One Black Mask Gang: Roman Sionis


The rise of Supervillains orchestrates a rise of Superheroes who aid the law enforcement of Gotham City, effectively resetting the city's structure.


Night of the Owls

The Zero Year was an event in Gotham City that was known for being a reset point for the city, bringing it back to a time where Falcone's Mob and the Red Hood Gang were not in control of the city. The Zero Year was known for ushering the arrival of the Batman and resulting in the destruction of nearly half of the city. Despite this, much of the Zero Year was surrounded in controversy as many refused to believe the Batman as little more than myth, with him not being captured on camera during the entire event.

The Zero Year was divided into three battles: